Thursday, July 13, 2006

Southern Bell Hibiscus

This picture was taken in our back yard last September. It was a night shot taken with a flash looking straight up as the blossom was drooped over. Unlike the following two entries, this picture hasn't been re-touched using Photoshop.

Back yard Deer - Fun with Photoshop

The top picture was taken last September. I sent it to my brother asking him how do you remove trees in Photoshop. His daughter, Laurie was visiting at the time and she's a Photoshop expert. The bottom picture is what I got back. What's that saying about not believing anything you here and only half of what you see?

Rose Breasted Grosbeak - Fun with Photoshop

I haven't taken too many pictures lately so thought I'd post some from last year. As you can see, the first picture isn't very good. I asked a Niece of mine how to replace the background using Photoshop. She walked me through it and I replaced the background with a picture of the sky which I took. Makes for a much better picture, don't you think?