Thursday, June 07, 2007

Great Horned Owl

This picture was taken on 29th April 2007 behind Mike and Maureen Berry's property, a neighbour of ours. Owls in general are silent in flight and the Great Horned Owl is a master at this as their prey is never aware that they are approaching. As well, there favourite meal is a mouse which they can hear when it steps on a leaf 50 feet away. They also have telescopic vision which is 10 times more powerful than mans vision. This may seem strange, but they are such good hunters and so silent in flight that the American Stealth Bomber was designed after Owls in general and the Great Horned Owl in particular. If you look at the Stealth Bomber and the Great Horned Owl in flight, particularly from the front, they look almost identical. Man has a lot to learn and if we watch nature more closely, we'll probably learn a lot more.