Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ruffed Grouse

This picture was taken on 21 March 2007 in our back yard. There is little difference between the sexes. Ruffed Grouse are masters at camouflage and many times will not fly until it's threat is within a few feet. Twenty years ago when we were first clearing this property, we didn't have any bathroom facilities. A friend that was helping me had nature call, so took a stroll down one of the paths that ran through the property to find a suitable log for support. He found one and just as he was getting comfortable on his log, a Ruffed Grouse flew up from between his legs with a thunderous flapping of it's wings. Needless to say, he had little problem having a BM.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wood Ducks

These pictures were taken on 9th March 2007 at Wakulla Springs Florida. The upper picture shows two males (very colorful) and the lower picture shows a male and female.

Great Egrets in breeding plummage

This picture was taken on 10 March 2007 at Wakulla Springs, Florida. Note the breeding plummage.