Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Water Fall

This picture was taken at Springmount, just west of Owen Sound on May 1st 2006. Most of my pictures are of birds, but I do enjoy anything that is beautiful. I thought that this fit that criteria.


Sue said...

OOhhhh boy now Fred this is the kind of photography that turns my crank. I love water and waterfalls just mesmerize me. I am really going to have to head up towards the pennisula one of these days. I think I was there once when I was very very young, too young to remember anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fred,

Glad to see you are relaxing and not just working hard. Can you tell who works hard around here and who has time to look and comment on your pictures?

Fred's photos said...

Thanks for the comments, you too Kathy. A person has to take time to smell the roses. Sue, I should point out that this waterfall is only beautiful like this in the spring. It dries up to a trickle later on. It's easy to find though. It's right on highway 21 on the Outskirts of Owen Sound as you come up the hill into Springmount.