Monday, April 30, 2007

Great Horned Owl

These pictures were taken April 29th, 2007 behind one of our neighbours' house. Great Horned Owls inhabit most of North and South America. Their average body length is 22" with a wing span of 40 - 60". They mate in January or February and usually lay 2 - 4 eggs. This nest only had one young one. They don't build their own nest but instead utilize other bird nests made by large birds such as Crows or Ravens. Last year, this was a Raven's nest. When the young get larger but are unable to fly, they'll venture out onto branches, therefore, I may have a further photo opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Great pics of these owls Fred. The rest of your site is very interesting and informative.

Fred's photos said...

Thank you anonymous. It's nice to get the odd comment.


D said...

Enjoyed your photos -
especially of the Great
Horned Owl and the birds and butterflies I have never seen in person.


Fred's photos said...

Thanks D. Keep watching as this time of year is excellent for birding and hopefully I'll get some good shots.