Tuesday, May 18, 2010


These pictures were not taken by me. They were taken by a friend of mine, Lynn Lasook. He has always maintained that he has no interest in birds unless you can eat them. Well, he got interested in this one because she built a nest right on his bike and now he's complaining that he can't go riding. Lynn, if you had used your bike more often, the Robin wouldn't have built its nest there. Looks good on you Lynn, maybe we'll make a bird photographer out of you after all LOL. Oh, I did do a bit of touchup work on his photos.


On Da Road said...

Way to go Lynn!! Even got the babies mouth open.. and the po'd look on that momma's face.. you captured it well. Maybe you ought to ride that bike a little more! hee hee..

Kathy said...

Nice photos Lynn! You'd better be careful or Fred will be dragging you out every morning at 7 for birdwatching!