Monday, March 30, 2009

Golden Fronted Woodpecker - Male

This picture was taken on March 5th 2009 at the Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park, Mission, Texas. These guys eat as much fruit and nuts as it does insects. In the summer time, their face is often stained purple from eating the fruit of the prickly pair cactus.


BocaFriend said...

A lovely 'parting shot' until your next winter migration, Fred!

Had just been pondering the absence of camouflagability for this black and white guy with the Pop Art splashes of primary color on his head, and now you tell me he suffers the avian equivalent of our 'milk moustache' by the tell-tale purple stain of his prickly pear gluttony!!

Arti said...

what a if someone with an artbrush applied red and yellow dabs on his head!:)